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Jérémie De Witte is a Belgian film composer based in Brussels. He began his musical journey with the drums, later discovering the piano. Intrigued by composition, he pursued a bachelor's degree at the Royal Conservatory of Liège, specializing in contemporary music. Subsequently, he joined the esteemed InMICS program (International Master in Music for Screens), studying film music at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and the University of Montreal. In 2019, Jérémie released his debut album, "evasio." In 2022, he crafted the evocative score for the film "Liberty," garnering multiple awards and a nomination. Alongside his work as a composer, Jérémie shares his expertise by teaching digital music creation at the Forest Academy.


Awards and Nomination

  • Burbank International Film Festival | 2022 Los Angeles

Win: Best Original Score for a Feature Film


  • ​​Lonely Wolf International Film Festival | 2022 London

Nomination: Best Sound Design for a Feature Film


  • International Sound & Film Music Festival | 2022 Samobor

Win: Horizon Award for the Original Score of the film "Liberty"

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Avid Certified | Pro Tools Specialist

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