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A Test Makes Things Clear


On behalf of the pharmaceutical company Bristoll Squibb Meyer, the world's tenth largest research group, director Philippe De Witte is responsible for promoting AIDS testing.How to make visible and audible such a complex message that touches so many fears, prejudices, received ideas or social taboos? Once again, the director draws on the most striking symbols of humanity:The wheel of life is not only a perpetual mechanism, but a movement that allows everyone to cross paths with others, so close, so different, so complementary, and also so special. Hetero, LGBT, bisexual, each one lives with his or her identities, desires, and relationship patterns. The person we meet has an emotional life before us, after us... Which obliges us to this commitment made of respect, prevention and protection for our bodies and our health, for our lives.The film was awarded the Golden Dolphin at the Media TV and Corporate films Festival in Cannes, among 660 films in competition.

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